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Our mission is to facilitate the use of the world’s renewable resources, particularly renewable cellulosic biomass (trees, wood, grasses, waste paper products) to produce clean fuels and green chemicals using safe effective recombinant yeast developed and perfected by Dr. Nancy Ho at Purdue University.  The yeast not only can effectively convert all sugars derived from either cellulosic biomass or from corn to ethanol, but has also been made to produce high value co-products, such as various industrial enzymes, during ethanol production.



To inaugurate cellulosic ethanol production in the US and around the world using the world’s largest untapped renewable resource.

To enable ethanol producers to produce cellulosic ethanol using locally available sources of otherwise unusable cellulosic biomass.

To further develop new yeast-based processes for the cost-effective production of cellulosic ethanol and green chemicals from cellulosic biomass.

To help expand the US farmer-owned corn ethanol plants to co-produce cellulosic ethanol with corn ethanol. Each corn ethanol plant can produce an additional 20-30% ethanol using cellulosic resources without requiring new facilities. This also enables corn ethanol plants to hedge against drought and fluctuating corn prices.

To diminish the US dependency upon foreign oil, and to help keep the world's environment healthy for future generations.

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