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Establishing GTA

In 2006, Dr. Ho believed that the C5/C6 co-fermenting yeast that she developed at Purdue University, strain 424A(LNH-ST), was the most effective microorganism in the world for the production of cellulosic ethanol. She established Green Tech America, Inc. (GTA) in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA to market this yeast worldwide. Her company continues to develop the yeast to be more efficient in producing cellulosic ethanol and other fuels. GTA also developed technologies to allow the yeast to produce high value co-products such as various industrial enzymes during ethanol production from cellulosic biomass (feedstocks) or from corn. The current Ho-Purdue Yeast is able to efficiently convert all C5/C6 sugars, particularly glucose and xylose, extracted from cellulosic feedstocks (biomass) to produce ethanol and to co-produce industrial enzymes during ethanol production.


Now GTA has two further improved yeast strains derived from 424A(LNH-ST), the 424A(LNH-ST)-ER and 424A(LNH-ST)-AR strains, which can ferment all sugars derived from cellulosic biomass or corn, particularly glucose and xylose, twice as fast as our original yeast 424A(LNH-ST).


GTA will continue to improve its Ho-Purdue Yeast to produce new products using sugars derived from all kinds cellulosic biomass (corn stovers, sugar cane bagasse, etc.) or from corn starch and cane sugars.


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